Document Type : Original Article


Department of Management, Bonab Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bonab, Iran.


Since one of the main dimensions of any organization in terms of survival and development is strategy, so the main purpose of this study is to provide a model of alignment of organizational strategies and human resource strategies for this purpose, both qualitative and quantitative methods have been used. The quality section has two sections. In the first part, the quality method of articles from 2014 to 2020 related to the subject were reviewed and evaluated, and the main criteria of strategy, organizational strategy, human resources strategy, strategic alignment and organizational structure were identified. The second part of the qualitative method was based on interviews with experts until the theoretical saturation in the field of the present study was done and coding and analysis was done using MAXQDA software. The main criteria identified based on interviews with experts include organizational communication, employee empowerment, employee attitude evaluation, organizational strategies, human resource strategies, organizational development, social capital, intra-organizational factors, external organizational factors, organizational responsibility and goal setting. It is based on environmental factors that the highest percentage of frequency is related to organizational development and is equal to 20.94% and the lowest value is related to improving the ability of employees equal to 2.6%. In quantitative evaluation, F.DEMATEL, F.AHP and DEA methods have been used. Using F.DEMATEL method, effective and efficient dimensions were identified that the effective factors include organizational communication, employee attitude evaluation, organizational strategies, organizational development, social capital, external environmental factors and organizational responsibility and effective factors include improving employee ability, resource strategies Human, internal factors and goal setting are based on environmental conditions. Then, using F.AHP, the identified variables were prioritized. The first rank among the sub-criteria belongs to the factor of exposure to critical factors with a normal weight of 0.785, and the first rank among the main criteria includes social capital with a normal weight of 0.134. The results obtained from DEA show that exposure to critical factors has the highest efficiency score with a maximum score equal to 1, and finally, based on the results, practical suggestions are presented.


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