Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran.


Today, the proper and effective performance of employees is one of the keys to the success of organizations. Good performance refers to high efficiency, quality, profitability, and customer orientation. One of the most important duties of human resource managers is to design and establish employee performance evaluation systems. Since qualitative indices have a major share of these indices, judgmental methods are generally used for ranking them. Decision makers assign weights to these indices based on their attitudes and rank the employees. Hence, these methods fail to fully explain the performance of organizations’ employees and are influenced by some degrees and levels of ambiguity. Fuzzy logic methods are highly useful for resolving the ambiguities in these alternatives. In this paper, we propose an employee performance evaluation method with a type-2 fuzzy ranking approach. In our proposed method, a job ID is designed based on optimal models while an employee ranking method is developed and explained using the trapezoidal interval type-2 fuzzy ranking model introduced by Chen et al. 2012. In the end, the proposed method is utilized for the performance evaluation of employees in a real company.