Document Type : Original Article


Malek Ashtsr University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.



The appropriate organizational structural capital is one of the most important issues to emerge innovation in knowledge-based companies. The purpose of this paper is to design and implement a structural capital model in knowledge-based companies. The research is developed based on qualitative and quantitative research methods. Firstly, the paper has used the Grounded Theory method to develop the structural capital model based on the 10 experts' interview data. The experts are related to the organizational structural capital subject. Secondly, the model is applied to a knowledge-based company. Therefore, the re-searcher-made questionnaire is used to assess the status of structural capital in the knowledge-based company. So, the reliability was estimated at 0.94%. This paper presents a model for measuring structural capital in knowledge-based companies. The nature of knowledge-based companies has made it necessary to utilize these organizations' measuring to examine the status of infrastructure, processes, and all elements of structural capital.