Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Humanities, North Tehran Branch, Azad University, Tehran, Iran.



In order to be competitive, it is an obligation for companies and service centers to identify, evaluate and control risk and environmental aspects of their activities. Due to technical and financial constraints, it is required to prioritize the risks and control measures with greater accuracy. In the framework of the HSE-MS system, for the first time, risk evaluation of industrial activities and services, has been implemented using fuzzy Quality Function Deployment. In this approach, characteristics such as mutual effects of different risks and environmental aspects of industrial activities, risk estimation, and positive and negative aspects of activities have been considered in RPN computation. The application of fuzzy logic reduces the ambiguity of the linguistic parameters. In the case study of the Iran barrit falat it appears, that operation and impact of risk assessment methods and environmental aspects of activities, evaluation criteria and the priority actions has been performed more precisely in comparison with traditional methods of risk assessment.