Risk measurement in the global supply chain using monte-carlo simulation

M. Hajian Heidary; A. Aghaie

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 1-12

  Nowadays, logistics and supply chain management (SCM) is critical to compete in the current turbulent markets. In addition, in the global context, there are many uncertainties which affect on the market. One of the most important risks is supplier disruption. The first step to cope with these uncertainties ...  Read More

A reactive bone route algorithm for solving the traveling salesman problem

N. Mahmoodi Darani; A. Dolatnejad; M. Yousefikhoshbakht

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 13-25

  The traveling salesman problem (TSP) is a well-known optimization problem in graph theory, as well as in operations research that has nowadays received much attention because of its practical applications in industrial and service problems. In this problem, a salesman starts to move from an arbitrary ...  Read More

Designing a new multi-objective fuzzy stochastic DEA model in a dynamic ‎environment to estimate efficiency of decision making units (Case Study: An Iranian Petroleum Company)

Ali Yaghoubi; M. Amiri

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 26-42

  This ‎paper presents a new multi-objective fuzzy stochastic data envelopment analysis model          (MOFS-DEA) under mean chance constraints and common weights to estimate the efficiency of decision making units for future financial periods of them. In ...  Read More

Coordination of green supply chain network, considering uncertain demand and stochastic CO2 emission level

H. Golpira; M. Zandieh; E. Najafi; S. Sadi Nezhade

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 43-54

  Many supply chain problems involve optimization of various conflicting objectives. This paper formulates a green supply chain network throughout a two-stage mixed integer linear problem with uncertain demand and stochastic environmental respects level. The first objective function of the proposed model ...  Read More

A mixed integer linear programming formulation for a multi-stage, multi-Product, multi-vehicle aggregate production-distribution planning problem

H. Mokhtari

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 55-82

  In today’s competitive market place, companies seek an efficient structure of supply chain so as to provide customers with highest value and achieve competitive advantage. This requires a broader perspective than just the borders of an individual company during a supply chain. This paper investigates ...  Read More

The competitive advantages analysis of pharmaceutical industry strategic behaviors by game theory

S.H. Seyyed Esfahani; E. Asgharizadeh; GH. Abdoli; B. Dorri

Volume 2, Issue 2 , December 2015, Pages 83-95

  Game theory is the study of mathematical models and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. This paper provides a flexible model to calculate pay-off matrix based on several importance factors. This model is adapted by cooperative game and developed for some competitive advantages ...  Read More