Document Type : Case Study


Department of Industrial Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch, Tabriz, Iran.



In this research, a goal programming model is proposed for optimizing the production of Boehmite in the Iranian West Minerals Applied Research Center (IWMARC). This product can be produced using internal or external methods and currently is produced traditionally, and the production process is not optimal. This research optimizes the production process using the linear goal programming technique. A multi-objective model is proposed containing 20 goal constraints of effective parameters concerning production, sales, raw materials usage, water and energy consumption, customer needs, and workforce components. The main objectives are ranked using the AHP method, and the model is implemented in Lingo 11 software. The computational results show that due to the impact of the price of foreign raw materials and the limitations caused by its use, as well as the good efficiency of the gasification method in the internal(domestic) method, the domestic method can effectively tackle the major and minor objectives of the production system of in IWMARC and achieve 16 goals out of 20 goals with zero or positive (more than the expected level) deviations. Besides, changing the technical and production specifications according to customer needs can increase profitability up to 3.75 times the current amount (375%) and decrease inventory cost by 32%.