Document Type: Review Article


1 Mechanical and Industrial engineering department, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2 Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Cycle time is one of the viable parameters which needs to be optimized as much as possible whenever the manufacturing industry is trying to improve efficiency, cost base, and customer responsiveness. This systematic study presents the reduction of cycle time for productivity improvement in the manufacturing industry. In industries, the cycle time should be focused due to the high need for balancing man, machine, materials, methods, and management. It must be renowned that the reduction of cycle time is not an easy task. Productivity improvement process involves many factors in achieving the maximum reduction of unnecessary time for higher improvement. The appropriate approaches to be implemented includes lean manufacturing tools, value stream method, method-time measurements, just in time for inventory control, motion study, process study, VAT plant classification, total productive maintenance, improved MRP (material requirements planning)-based production planning, theory of constraint, linear programming and other simulation related techniques. The V, A or T types of plant classification can also be classified using optimization production technology (OPT).